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CAA provides a wide range of dispute and contract management services for international construction projects.

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Large infrastructure projects often spin out of control when it comes to timely project execution. Project delay and disruption events can cause significant impacts to the original contract schedule with resultant claims for increased project costs from the contractor or for liquidated damages from the employer.

A Forensic Schedule Analysis will determine the root cause of project delays and its effect on schedule using an established schedule analysis technique that is appropriate for the particular project under analysis.

CAA is there to assist you when a Forensic Schedule Analysis is required either during project execution or during a dispute proceeding.

Forensic Schedule Analysis

The following steps are usually involved in the development of a Forensic Schedule Analysis:

Contract - and Documentation Analysis

Our intervention starts with a detailed analysis of the contract documents and project record to determine the agreed baseline schedule and significant events that have caused delay and disruption to the Project.

Baseline Schedule

All updates to the baseline schedule and all factual evidence related to the significant events are compiled.

Critical Path Method

Depending on project records and available schedule updates the appropriate CPM schedule analysis methodology will be selected. A methodology such as "Time Impact Analysis", "Windows Analysis" or "As-built vs As Planned Analysis". will be applied as appropriate.

Final Report

The Forensic Schedule Analysis will be implemented and a final report prepared.