Success has many facets.

CAA provides a wide range of dispute and contract management services for international construction projects.

Defining the Conditions.

Effective Contract Management is key to successful project completion.
This is achieved with careful planning and supervision of contractual obligations through management of contractual time frames, consistent contract interpretation, standardised Contract Management Procedures and fully substantiated presentation of contractual entitlements.

With extensive experience in Project Management, Contract Management and Change & Claim Management CAA may either carry out Contract Management-Assessments on projects or project departments, provide targeted support or assume complete Contract Management responsibility of a project.

Contract Management

Contract Analysis

CAA undertakes a detailed analysis of the contract documents and prepares Contract Management procedures, standardized correspondence and change management documentation.


CAA undertakes a project workshop with the key project participants to ensure that a common understanding of the contract documents and the Contract Management procedures are established.

Project Assignment

Experienced CAA staff are assigned to support the project either on site or at the back-office to provide on-going support and solutions as the project progresses.