Success has many facets.

CAA provides a wide range of dispute and contract management services for international construction projects.

Protecting your entitlements.

Even the most careful planning cannot entirely protect a project from unforeseen events or project changes. CAA supports the project team to ensure that project changes are recognized when they arise, notified within contractual time frames and managed correctly in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring formal agreements on their implications regarding cost, time and quality are achieved.

With extensive experience in Project Management, Contract Management and Change & Claim Management we can develop and quantify all types of construction project claims such as Scope Change, Delay, Disruption, Loss of Productivity, Extension of Time, Acceleration, Delayed Payment, Works Suspension, Termination and Warranty.

In order to ensure that entitlements are fully preserved and protected CAA is specialised at undertaking a detailed examination and preparation of an appropriate claim document considering all relevant technical, contractual and financial aspects. CAA also provides support to deal with the defence of contractual claims which have been received from a counterparty.

Change & Claim Management

Contract - and Documentation Analysis

Our intervention starts with a detailed analysis of the contract and review of the project record concerning the project change.

Cause & Effect Methodology

Once the circumstances and context of the change event have been established the appropriate methodology to identify cause and effect will be determined.

Generating Claim documentation

The Claim/Change document will be prepared in accordance with the methodology determined in step 2 including relevant evidence documents where appropriate.