Success has many facets.

CAA provides a wide range of dispute and contract management services for international construction projects.

Driving the project along the right lines.

Successful project completion starts at the planning and bidding stage. During bid preparation it is common to focus solely on engineering factors and technical aspects, and to lose track and not take sufficient consideration for the contractual framework and potential risks.

CAA is there to assist you during bid preparation and contractual negotiations prior to the signature of a contract.

With extensive experience in Project Management, Contract Management and Change & Claim Management CAA can provide you with support to identify and manage potential contractual risk.

Bid Consulting

Analysis of Bidding documentation

Our intervention starts with an examination of the bidding documents to identify contradictions, grey areas and particular risks that are likely to lead to conflict or dispute.

Definition of Risks

Focusing on dispute avoidance we encourage our clients to openly discuss and define a clear risk distribution under the principle that the party that has most control of a certain risk should assume it. Transparency, clear formulation of questions and answers and professionally documenting findings and observations during site visits are key factors to decrease dispute potential in projects.

Strategies for risk mitigation

If certain risks cannot be excluded entirely during contract negotiation, we assist you with an appropriate quantification and the development of risk mitigation strategy.