Success has many facets.

CAA provides a wide range of dispute and contract management services for international construction projects.

Visualizing project complexity.

The success in many international Arbitration/Litigation or any other ADR proceedings is largely dependent on effective representation of the case/project or matter in dispute.

By linking the BIM model of the project with the planned and as-built schedules of the project it is possible to visualize the construction planning and sequencing and how it was impacted during the lifetime of the actual construction. The critical path of the construction sequence can be visualized along with specific effects to the critical path, which have been caused by unforeseen events.

Animation in BIM provides a compelling visual representation of what actually happened and how delays, disruption, acceleration or any other circumstance impacted the development of the project.

CAA has the capability to provide 5D BIM Modeling and comparative monitoring of impacts for a wide range of situations such as faulty workmanship, design errors, changes, delays in implementation and acceleration.