The entire spectrum.

Our core team has experience in over 100 international projects where we have defended and actively pursued the entitlements of our clients. A complete list of all projects with participation of CAA consultants will be delivered on request.
The following are some representative examples.

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Infrastructure Project / Mexico (Construction Project)
Renewable Energy Project Northern Sea / Germany (Construction Project)
Extension of existing Metrosystem / Mexico
Power Plant / Sweden (Modernisation Project)
Power Plant / Brazil (Construction Project)
Refinery Project / Mexico (Construction Project)
Power Plant / Russia (Modernisation Project)
Refinery Expansion / USA (Expansion of Existing Refinery)
Power Plant / Chile (Construction Project)
Power Plant / Philippines (Revitalization Project)
Gas Plant / Saudi Arabia (Construction Project)
Power Plant / Turkey (Construction Project)
Pipeline Project / Italy (Construction Project)
Power Plant / Germany (Construction Project)
Power Plant / England (Modernisation Project)
Power Plant / Burkina Faso (Construction Project)

Services provided by CAA

Project Management
Contract Management
Claim Management
Management and Support on the international
arbitration in front of ICC
Preparation of expert reports and technical studies
Delay Analysis
Claim Developement
Monitoring of subcontracts
and consortial contracts
Settlement Negotiations
Claim Analysis and Evaluation
CPM Analysis
Claim Analysis
Claim Defence
Expert Report
Acceleration Analysis
Claim Analysis and Preparation