Our international team consists of highly qualified specialists.

Each brings many years of experience with international projects. All our consultants speak German, English and Spanish.

Enrique Abiega - Principal Consultant

Enrique AbiegaCAA Madrid

Mr. Abiega acts as managing director of CAA Iberia, S.L. in Madrid. With a background as an Industrial Engineer and a MBA (Hons) from INSEAD, Mr. Abiega has more than 15 years of experience working for Employer and Contractor in the areas of Contract & Claim Management, Tendering, and Dispute Resolution and Litigation processes. Prior to his engagement at CAA Mr Abiega worked for multinational companies in the field of Power and Heat Generation, Industrial Plants, Infrastructure and Transportation at project and managerial levels.


Ernst Hechenberger - Principal Consultant

Ernst HechenbergerCAA Mexico

Mr. Hechenberger acts as managing director of CAA S.A. de C.V. in Mexico. With a background as electrical engineer he counts with more than 25 years of experience in engineering, construction and project management of mayor international infrastructure projects. As member of ICC Mexico, Mr Hechenberger participates in the arbitration commission and other ICC work groups.


Thomas Pinter - Principal Consultant

Thomas PinterCAA Wiesbaden

Mr. Pinter has participated on major infrastructure projects in the areas of Oil & Gas, Transportation Systems, Civil Construction and Power Generation in Latin America and Europe and has provided professional advice in engineering development and project organization, contract administration, construction management and claim preparation. Mr. Pinter has testified as technical expert in international arbitrations.


Declan Tonge - Principal Consultant

Declan TongeCAA Wiesbaden

Mr. Tonge has acted as a professional consultant since 2002. Mr. Tonge specializes in providing contract management and construction dispute advice. He has provided advice to Main Contractors, Architects, Subcontractors and Local Authorities across many disciplines and in various jurisdictions. Mr. Tonge has testified as technical expert in international arbitrations.


Viktor Warkentin - Principal Consultant

Viktor WarkentinCAA Wiesbaden

Mr. Warkentin acts as managing director of CAA GmbH Germany. With a background as Business Administrator and proven experience in project controlling, commercial, project financing & project management of large scale international infrastructure projects, Mr. Warkentin has been working more than 25 years in leading management positions for multinational companies in the field of telecommunications, power generation and oil & gas.


Rodrigo Hernández Riquelme - Principal Consultant

Rodrigo Hernández RiquelmeCAA Chile

Mr. Rodrigo Hernández Riquelme acts as managing director for CAA Chile. With a background in Construction Engineering and an LLM in Construction Law, Mr. Hernández Riquelme has over 15 years of experience working for various multi-national companies specializing in national and international Contract Management for a wide range of industry sectors, including Mining, Renewable Energy, Engineering and Construction projects.
Additionally, Mr. Hernández Riquelme is an active member of the Chilean Society of Construction Law and gives lectures in related University Programs.

Jovita Alejo - Consultant

Jovita AlejoCAA Mexico

Octavio Campos - Consultant

Octavio CamposCAA Mexico

Antonio Faria - Consultant

Antonio FariaCAA Wiesbaden

Mr Faria joined CAA in 2013 and specializes in time scheduling and project management advice. He has proven experience as a site manager, time scheduler and quality controller. During his engagement with a multinational company he participated in major projects in the area of Transportation and Energy.


José Fouz - Consultant

José FouzCAA Madrid

José Fouz is an experienced engineer who has worked in the areas of construction, Contract and Claim Management. Prior to his engagement with CAA, he worked at various multinational construction and engineering enterprises, and was involved in the construction of renewable energy plants and infrastructure projects in Latin America.


Jens Huuck - Consultant

Jens HuuckCAA Wiesbaden

Mr Huuck joined CAA in 2013 and specializes in Contract- and Claim management and Delay Analysis. He has more than 27 years of experience in engineering, construction, project-, contract- and claim management for major international projects in the areas of nuclear & fossil power generation and oil & gas working for a multinational company.


Laura Mertsch Barrios - Administration

Laura Mertsch BarriosCAA Wiesbaden

Laura Mertsch supports the administrative processes of CAA in Europe. During her Bachelor's and Master's degree in economics and social sciences, she has focused on the EU and Latin America and has been part of the CAA team since 2016.


Juana Muro - Consultant

Juana MuroCAA Mexico

Gilberto Regal - Consultant

Gilberto RegalCAA Madrid

Gilberto Regal is experienced in project management and the preparation and analysis of extension of time claims. Prior to his engagement at CAA, Mr Regal worked for different multinational companies focused on the engineering and construction of power and infrastructure facilities at project and managerial positions. Mr. Regal holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Civil Engineering, is PMP and PMI-SP certified and is Core Committee Member PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling 3rd Edition.


Omar Rios - Consultant

Omar RiosCAA Mexico

Tonantzin Rivera - Administration

Tonantzin RiveraCAA Mexico

Mario Romero - Consultant

Mario RomeroCAA Mexico

Amaury Ruiz - Consultant

Amaury RuizCAA Madrid

Javier Sánchez - Consultant

Javier SánchezCAA Madrid

Mr. Sánchez specializes in contracts, claim management and dispute resolution processes. Prior to his engagement at CAA, Mr Sánchez worked for different multinational companies focussed in the engineering and construction for the infrastructure and energy sectors. Mr Sánchez holds a BSc in Construction Eng. and a LLM in Construction Law and Arbitration and is Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.


Francisco Vera - Consultant

Francisco VeraCAA Mexico

Carolina Zavaleta - Administration

Carolina ZavaletaCAA Mexico