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CAA provides a wide range of consultancy services around dispute and contract management for large international construction projects.

  • Services - Contract Management
    Contract Management
    Effective Contract Management is key to successful project completion. This is achieved with careful planning and supervision of contractual obligations through management of contractual time frames, consistent contract interpretation, standardised Contract Management…
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  • Services - Change & Claim Management
    Change & Claim Management
    Even the most careful planning cannot entirely protect a project from unforeseen events or project changes. CAA supports the project team to ensure that project changes are recognized when they arise, notified within contractual time frames and managed correctly in a…
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  • Services - Forensic Schedule Analysis
    Forensic Schedule Analysis
    Large infrastructure projects often spin out of control when it comes to timely project execution. Project delay and disruption events can cause significant impacts to the original contract schedule with resultant claims for increased project costs from the contractor…
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  • Services - Independent Expert Services
    Independent Expert Services
    Very often the matters in dispute between contracting parties to a large construction project are complex in nature and greatly benefit from the intervention of an experienced independent expert to provide an impartial and objective opinion. Independent expert…
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  • Services - Bid Consulting
    Bid Consulting
    Successful project completion starts at the planning and bidding stage. During bid preparation it is common to focus solely on engineering factors and technical aspects, and to lose track and not take sufficient consideration for the contractual framework and potential…
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  • Services - Training & Support
    Training & Support
    An important key to successful project execution is that the individuals contributing to a project have attained a certain level of contract management awareness and knowledge. Understanding the contract and its particulars is the basis for successful project execution…
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CAA provides a wide range of consultancy services.

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V. Warkentin - Principal Consultant

CAA has the experience and resources to provide a wide range of expert analyses.

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CAA Wiesbaden - October 9, 2019

On october 8th and 9th 2019 CAA sponsored the 70th annual Latin America Day organized by the LAV (Lateinamerika Verein e.V), which took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This year's conference centered around perspectives and economic opportunities experts see in different industrial sectors…

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CAA References

Our core team has experience in over 100 international projects where we have defended and actively pursued the entitlements of our clients. A…

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Here you can send us an inquiry concerning general questions about CAA.

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